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In today’s environment of constant change and upheaval, stress is almost a forgone conclusion. The questions then becomes not “How can we live a stress-free lives?” but rather “How can we use stress for success?" Cool Head, Warm Heart teaches you how to do just that. In this hands-on, highly interactive program, you will learn to:

• Use self-management as the key to stress management.
• Identify and minimize external stressors in your life.
• Differentiate between what you can control and influence and what you can’t.
• Apply a variety of cognitive strategies that will help you turn stress into positive motivation.
• Access a bevy of behavioral strategies that will keep you up when stress threatens to get you down.
• Leverage an arsenal of interpersonal strategies that will allow you to partner with others to beat stress together.

The pace of life is faster, faster, faster! The choices in life are more numerous each day. The forces acting upon us are more pervasive and powerful than ever before. Therefore, it is exceedingly important to respond to life with power and grace. To do so you must maintain both a cool head and a warm heart. This program will show you how.

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While Cool Head, Warm Heart is perennially one of my most popular programs, I provide a keynotes, workshops and seminars on a wide variety of personal, professional, and business development topics. These include:

* The Power of Human Connection
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* Authenticity Rocks!
* The Laughing Edge: The Power of Humor at Work

Each year I also create a many new programs that are custom-tailored to convention themes or client needs.

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